NYC: Art Surrounds You

Chelsea- 21st between 8th and 9th

This mural takes up the entire Western-facing wall of PS 11 overlooking the playground. The artists behind this mural are called “Os Gemeos”- a twin-brother duo from Brazil. 

You can find two more building-sized murals by the same hands-on 14th between 6th and 7th. With inspiration from 1980s-era hip-hop, this duo’s work is an especially salient tribute to New York. 

Chelsea- 28th and 7th, both sides

On the Northern side of FIT between 7th and 8th you’ll find an avenue-block-long row of student murals, often riffs on New York themes. 

Upper West Side- 83rd and Broadway, West Side

Dating back to the 1960s, this “art kiosk” has had quite a history. The unassuming pole has been on the brink of destruction by way of truck accidents multiple times, suffered various thefts, and even went through a phase as a vertical garden. 

Upper West Side Urban Art Blog Image (2)

The kiosk is a labor of love from the West 83rd St Association. While you’re nearby, also be sure to check out the Upper West Side’s neighborhood Banksy, on 79th between Broadway and Amsterdam: