Let’s look at some ways to bring joy and comfort into your home today. Here are three that are providing me with some much needed acceptance and serenity.

Fill your home with flowers


Buy flowers from your local deli. Every room deserves fresh flowers. For your bathroom- purple hyacinth are the essence of spring and are nature’s natural deodorizer.

Consider flowers to be an “essential” item. Vibrant flourishes of life, scent and color around the home create a feeling of hope and comfort.


Create new routines

Most of us are most comfortable when we are busy- competitive multi-tasking has become the norm. Having unstructured time can create a feeling of hopeless despair- our purpose is lost. Personally- I miss getting dressed for work and wanting to look sharp for my clients. With commutes out of the equation, no business meetings and lunches and children at home, there’s a new need for daily routines.

Take control of your time by becoming more regular with your day-in/day-out activities. Try to go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time. You can even schedule a nap. Start to map out regular blocks of time when you’ll tackle work email, shop for groceries, cook, eat, read a good book, and so on. Before long, you’ll develop a new sense of ease and comfort during such an uncertain time. Staying active and scheduled will settle your nerves. And… stay connected- there’s never been a better time to be a good friend. Peace- Mike

Roast sweet potatoes

Here’s my foolproof method for roasted sweet potatoes which are delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They keep well and are a super food. Heat oven to 450 degs. Wash the sweet potato and towel dry. Don’t pierce or rub with oil- don’t wrap in tin foil- nuthin.

Place them directly on the oven rack. Cook for approximately 60-75 mins.

If you like the skin a bit charred on the inside (which I do)- you can go on the longer side. The entire house will smell like sweet heaven within 15 mins.

Serve with sprinkled fleur de sel. Best eaten warm standing up in the kitchen.