Lean into Autumn

It’s time to say thank you to summer, and “welcome!” to a cozy Fall 2019. Here are 3 lifestyle ideas to make your home as hygge as possible.

Season your closets…

Pull out the Hawaiian shirts, cut off jean shorts and neon green tank tops…toss or donate the items that haven’t flattered you since college (sorry)- swap out the linen and cotton for wools, corduroy and cashmere. Cycling out the colors, cuts, and textures of one season and reintroducing favorites from cooler weather is a great way to look forward to changing temperatures. You will DOUBLE your closet space and provide clothes to people in need. Set aside one or two of your favorite summer outfits, a swimsuit, etc. into a carry-on bag just in case, as insurance that you make a trip to a warm clime this chilly season.

Donate a winter coat that doesn’t make you happy to charity. Letting them go is a way to own your possessions, rather than letting them own you. How many black down coats do you need?

New York in the Winter

Same for your black cashmere V necks. Buy some COLOR for winter- it will cheer you up and your fellows on your morning commute. For more information on donating clothes, check out Housing Works or the Salvation Army.

Clean Your Windows (or better yet- get them washed)

It’s like your home’s version of a dentist visit- something you may put off but you know it’s best to go with some regularity- like every season. First 5 clients who respond to this will have a complimentary window wash on ME. Contact Alex and tell him I sent you!

As spring and summer light fades- a dirty window is that much more of a bummer. Thank me laterThese clean windows could be your kitchen view, at my exclusive listing 13 Jay Street

Cozy Throw and New Cool Weather Cushions

Fall and winter are nap on the sofa seasons. Spend a few bucks to transition your favorite place to be lazy at home into a snuggle spot. Change throw cushion colors from cool tones to warm- cotton to velvet- linen to shearling and soft wool.

Shop here! The beautiful new Portuguese linen shop on Columbus and 74th, Celso de Lemos.

Alternately, Gracious Home at 1210 Third Avenue (70th) has been my go-to for many years, for all things related to home decor.

SHOP LOCAL. Keep NYC’s retail vibrant- it’s why we live here: the magically engaging streetscape.

As a real estate broker in NYC, my passion for all things related to home life blends itself perfectly with my work life as well. If you or someone you know is considering buying or selling an apartment here, I’d love to speak with you! Or pass this along to them. It’s my pleasure to create this original content for everyone to enjoy, and my privilege to advise if you have any questions 🙂

The home buying and selling process should be filled with joy.