Donna Phillips and Neil Kramer

Donna Philips and Neil Kramer


We were referred to Mike Lubin through a friend who knew him by his reputation only. As it turned out, we couldn't have been happier to have Mike help us over the last nearly three years.

We were desperate to find an apartment rental after our home was flooded in Sandy. Mike immediately met us and within a day we had finalized a lovely rental apartment. Unfortunately, ten months later we again had to move. Mike was just as available to help us find the second rental, and was always accessible for showings and questions.

With our experience of two moves in a year, we decided we needed to start looking for an apartment to buy. We never considered asking any other broker to help us find our perfect home. Mike only showed us apartments that met our needs and steered us away from apartments that he knew would not suit us. There was no time wasted, no pressure to decide, and he was always patient and enthusiastic. Once we did find our perfect apartment (wreck that it was!) he guided us gently and professionally through the process of making a bid, participating in a price war, finding an architect, and connecting us to a very efficient and easy to work with team to secure a loan and close on the apartment.

And finally, Mike just sold our apartment that was damaged in Sandy. This proved to be a challenge and required a creative, step-wise approach to make the apartment attractive to buyers. Through frustration, disappointments, and struggles, Mike was always present and engaged and committed to doing his best for us.

In summary, Mike is a professional. But beyond that, Mike takes a personal interest in his work and demonstrated a commitment that we never could have hoped for. It hasn’t been an easy three years, and we challenged Mike along the way more than once. Yet through it all, we have been very close, and developed a true personal relationship.

It is not an exaggeration to say that we are not sure we could have managed as well as we did in the aftermath of Sandy without having Mike working with us. We give him the highest recommendation possible, and will be glad to answer any questions to convince you that you can't be in better hands.

Donna Phillips and Neil Kramer
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