Miami is Winter's Cultural Capital

Miami is Winter's Cultural Capital


Move over, Palm Beach. Make an effort this year to get down to Miami for the best of City living, without the New York weather!

I’m still glowing from Art Basel this year- one of the world’s leading art shows and possibly the world’s leading 3-day (plus) non-stop party. Everyone who’s anyone descends on Miami Beach to take in the coolest of today’s art. And then you realize the people themselves are as much a part of the artistic experience as the art itself!

Visit South Beach. The whole neighborhood is an Art Deco masterpiece, decked out in the kind of vibrant colors you’ll only find in warm climates. Chic hotels on the beach have raging pool parties basically every day of the year. Take a stroll down Lincoln Road, stop for dinner, splurge at the sexy boutiques and galleries.

south beach.jpeg

Get married in the parking garage at 1111 Lincoln Road. No joke. A city so cool they can even turn a parking garage into a hotspot.

You might already knew Miami Beach rivals a lot of Manhattan’s liveliest aspects in terms of nightlife and shopping. Fewer people know about Wynwood in Miami proper though- an arts district worth mentioning in the same breath as Brooklyn (but with better weather)

If you’re into street art like I am, you’re in for a feast. In a zone covering 50 city blocks, Wynwood is home to over 200 street murals by the world’s top artists. The Wynwood Walls are probably the coolest place to pose for your profile picture. And once you’re done strolling around, the bars, clubs, and restaurants in Wynwood are as cool as you’ll find in Brooklyn.

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You might have missed Art Basel this year but there’s plenty of time to make plans for Miami Music Week on March 25-31. The city goes all-out on dance music, culminating with Ultra Music Festival- a leading festival that is basically the start of the year for EDM fans worldwide.


If you haven’t felt young enough lately, get down there now. And if your thoughts are a bit more local, reach me here in Manhattan. If you’re curious about finding a place as cool here as you are, or you know someone with questions about buying or selling a place in New York City get ahold of me!