NYC: Art Surrounds You

Chelsea- 21st between 8th and 9th

This mural takes up the entire Western-facing wall of PS 11 overlooking the playground. The artists behind this mural are called “Os Gemeos”- a twin-brother duo from Brazil. 


You can find two more building-sized murals by the same hands on 14th between 6th and 7th. With inspiration from 1980s-era hip-hop, this duo’s work is an especially salient tribute to New York. 


Chelsea- 28th and 7th, both sides

On the Northern side of FIT between 7th and 8th you’ll find an avenue-block-long row of student murals, often riffs on New York themes. 


Upper West Side- 83rd and Broadway, West Side

Dating back to the 1960s, this “art kiosk” has had quite the history. The unassuming pole has been on the brink of destruction by way of truck accidents multiple times, suffered various thefts, and even went through a phase as a vertical garden. 


The kiosk is a labor of love from the West 83rd St Association. While you’re nearby, also be sure to check out the Upper West Side’s neighborhood Banksy, on 79th between Broadway and Amsterdam:

Banksy-Hammer-Boy-Upper-West-Side.jpgwest 83rd street art kiosk bio.jpg

Upper West Side- 73rd and Columbus

The NYC Barber Shop Museum is the Upper West Side’s newest, most delightful old-timey attractions. It’s an ode to a simpler time of sepia tones and when $5 bought and shave and a haircut.  

Take in the storefront exhibits or even better- go in for a true classic cut and shave. 


Broadway and houston

This landmark installation often confounds those who see it. Construction? Art? Infrastructure? All of the above.


Here’s a link that discusses this Downtown landmark. When I first saw this staggering work as a kid- I imagined myself sitting high up on a beam overlooking the city.  

Take a moment to slow down this summer while you’re walking around, and enjoy the art all around you. 

This original content of mine comes from inspiration I get as a New York City real estate broker. If you have any questions about buying or selling an apartment here- or know someone who does- be sure to reach out!