Open Up for Spring 2019

Open Up for Spring 2019


Another spring: time to let out the stale and pent-up winter air and get ready for life without down parkas. 

Here are my tips for the season this year:


Spring Clean the Windows


Have your windows spring cleaned- it’s the best $200 you will ever spend. Every time I have my own done, I am shocked by how much more sunshine pours in. I use Alex: 718-213-7089- tell him Mike sent you…

Now that your windows are sparkling clean…

Open them the next sunny morning and let the fresh air replace the stale, stagnant winter air. NYC air is cleaner than many of us realize. In fact, thanks to the near constant breeze that surrounds our island, and the frequent inclement weather, our fresh air (and water for that matter) is among the purest of the major USA metro cities. (See this article for more: NYC's Air Quality Is Cleaner Than Ever Since Monitoring Began)


Bring in Fresh Plants This Spring


Have an adventure with living plants instead of cut flowers.

Parents: Venus Fly Traps make great “pets” for our kids and get them excited about learning to take care of living things.  

I suggest rosemary and mint on your windowsill- don’t worry about natural light- the smells will intoxicate you.   Even if your fresh herb plants kick the bucket after 1-2 weeks you’ll have fresh herbs and the start of a green thumb. At a few bucks a pop- plan to replace them every week.   

New favorite place to plant shop:

The Sill - 448 Amsterdam Ave at 82nd Street.


Check Out Hudson Yards


Finally: have a spring fling on the quad outside the Vessel and the Shed.

I’m shocked by how many New Yorkers still haven’t made the pilgrimage to Hudson Yards. It’s that much more exciting than you ever imagined. Sit outside at Sunset and venture in for the Spanish Culinary Experience of your life at Mercado Little Spain. Jose Andres’ immersive Spanish experience is a true taste of Spain and impeccably designed. 

If you’re ready to move right in, let’s visit the dopest sales office in town...

mercado little spain.jpg

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As always, I’m here for more ideas on Happy, Healthy Living in NYC. If you’re thinking of buying or selling an apartment (or know someone who is) be sure to reach out!

- Mike