Open Up for Spring

Open Up for Spring 2018


Another spring: time to let out the stale and pent-up winter air and get ready for life without down parkas. 

Here are my tips for the season this year:


Open Your Windows for an Entire Day


Let the fresh air circulate. After a long season of stale air, it’s a spring-time rite of passage for me- to bring in some new ions, expel the tired air- and say Welcome Spring.   

A nice, sunny day with cool spring breezes in the home is a great way of embracing the positive change that’s upon us. 


Bring in Fresh Plants


Adding some new life and vibrant, natural colors is a great way to mark the moment when winter is finally thawing. I suggest rosemary and mint on your windowsill- don’t worry about natural light- the smells will intoxicate you.

For your bathroom- white or pink hyacinth—nature’s deodorizer, and lasts for a week or more.

Also check out this article from the New York Times for more inspiration.

Buy your plants at Plantshed on West 96 or the Flower District West 28th Street between 6th and 7th.   Skip Lowes- shop local. 


Deep Clean Your Home


I’m not suggesting you do it yourself! Hire someone in need from Handy to come and do it for you- great service, reasonable rates. Highly recommended. 

Try a three-fer: get the place deep-cleaned, throw the windows open and buy some new plants! Break the winter blues, welcome the new.     


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- Mike