5 Ways to Embrace Autumn 2018

5 Ways to Embrace Autumn 2018

Autumn: the period from the autumnal equinox (when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length) to the winter solstice (which marks the onset of winter, at the time of the shortest day).

Word origin 1325–75: from the Latin autumnus, replacing Middle English autumpne / Middle French autompne 

In the early 1600s as more people started moving into cities, the word “harvest” fell out of use. Instead, city dwellers began to use the phrase “fall of the leaf” to refer to the third season of the year when trees lose their leaves.

(sources: Merriiam Webster, Dictionary.comslate.com)

Now that the dog days of summer are behind us, here are some ideas for transitioning your home for the fall with an open heart:


Swap Swim Suits for Cashmere

Mark the end of summer with prep for the cozy months ahead by swapping out swim trunks and tube tops for cashmere. Rather than prompt you to pine for summer, let the whiffs of summer memories make you smile.  I look forward to this all year- let your closet breathe by taking everything out for an entire day- donate the unwanted items to Housing Works or Goodwill (links here please.) 

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Spray your home with your favorite room fragrance, for instance this one from Le Labo, to infuse your home with new vibe for the season. New scents have a powerful effect.


Have Your Windows Washed

With less natural light coming in every day, it’s a good idea to clean the windows so you can make the most of what’s still coming in. You won’t believe the transformation- and how little it costs- and how it truly changes your entire home. Our windows are our homes’ EYES.

Alter Your Color Palette

Bring some warmer earth tones into your home. Changing sheets and towels to include warmer colors is a simple way to do this.  Play with sage and aubergine.  And as the season progresses, bring in natural elements that reflect the stage of the season.



Earlier evenings make ample opportunities for cozier lighting. Buy a few sets of tea lights and arrange them strategically in pockets around your home. Give yourself permission to go with unscented candles- classic. 

Use Food to Scent Your Home 

Not everything has to smell- let the aroma of baking sweet potatoes and roasted carrots with cumin and turmeric fragrance your home.


My calling is to help my clients make homes out their New York apartments, and I get so much joy out of creating original content like this to share.

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Peace and healing this autumn- the world needs it.

~ Mike