3 Suggestions for Happy Healthy Living in 2018

3 Suggestions for Happy, Healthy Living in 2018


Writing things down

As in, with a pen and paper. There is mounting evidence to suggest it's actually counterproductive to take notes on our devices. Typing notes can be so easy we'll write down every detail, and end up losing the most important points. And doing this during a live conversation gives off an inattentive vibe, since it looks the same as texting or checking social media. Intrusive notifications during a conversation can be a killer, so keep the phone in your pocket.


For my part, I've taken to carrying a nice pen and a vintage, 6x4" black leather Hermés notebook- time-worn and handsome, and a trustworthy friend. Taking notes in this manner is elegant and discreet, and lends an air of professionalism. It prevents others from thinking you're checking your email or texting when in fact you're writing an action list for your meeting.

Hand-writing helps with articulating more creative thoughts, and if you're mid-conversation on your cell phone it's handy to write and talk at the same time


Give Yourself the Gift of Time

The greatest luxury we can give ourselves during this overtaxed and overextended era is carving out personal time during the day. From a 15-minute walk around the block with a nice coffee to a Sunday wearing PJs in bed reading the New York times, allow yourself to cancel plans, unschedule, and be highly selective with how you spend the precious little time we have to ourselves.

Each season I visit Kripalu (link) for a 2-day quiet meditation retreat where I walk silently in woods, take restorative yoga, and allow my phone out of my grip. 


One weekend a month and 3 nights a week try to schedule as little as possible and spend as much luxurious time alone or with your best friends and family, free from worry and obligation. You'll be surprised how much more effective you can be when you're back on the clock.


Make Home a Priority for 2018

This is the year to invest in a modest upgrade within your home that allows for joyful living, such as wireless speakers that enable you to play music throughout the home, new sheets and towels, or have your living room re-painted a fresh new color


In terms of acquiring a new home, take advantage of interest rates that are still quite attractive, a market with abundant inventory, and sellers who are more motivated than before to part with their home.

Here’s a link to a new 1-bedroom in Chelsea, profiled in the Sunday New York Times, monthlies of which cost less than comparable rent for an apartment of this ilk. (360 West 21st Street)

As a professional I love helping clients with real estate decisions on buying and selling homes from themselves, friends or family.  If you have any real estate questions, or if anyone you know is considering entering the market- please reach out or share the referral.