One trait that all New Yorkers share is our perpetual busyness. I recently discovered two guided meditation centers that I recommend you visit to give yourself a 30 minute vacation from life- and stress- and I guarantee you will emerge recharged and ready to tackle the world.


Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Williamsburg (click Location for schedules)

MNDFL’s sessions are led by an in-studio guide who will assist with your meditation experience by coaching you to relax your body and your mind. My teacher’s soothing voice, and warm demeanor made the entire experience pleasant and accessible. 35 mins passed by in the blink of an eye. Fun, young crowd. The space itself was Scandinavian chic- white washed brick, and wide-plank bleached wood floors- I wanted to move in…

Inscape -  inscape.life

Inscape - inscape.life


45 West 21st Street, between 5th and 6th (view class schedule)

The stars of INSCAPE are the spaces themselves. Stunningly designed multi-dimensional, LED lit light-caves with undulating curves and limbs that appear to breathe and pulse as you float in and out of consciousness. You’ve never seen anything like this- well maybe at Burning Man or a James Turrell site or exhibit. Rather than an in-studio guide, the top notch surround sound audio system pipes in a female Avatar-ish vaguely Australian/South African meditation expert’s step by step invitation to plug in and decompress. I felt like Charlize Theron was my own private meditation buddy leading me on a trip into Oz. Fab.   

In between client meetings and apartment showings, I've recently discovered how effectively a half-hour pit stop at Inscape or MNDFL can help me be present for clients, friends, and family the rest of the day. And by taking a pause from stress, I've noticed I sleep better at night as well.

Anyone who would like to join me at MNDFL or INSCAPE is welcome to meet me as my guest.

My work as a real estate broker brings me all over town, and I love discovering and exploring our incredible, mysterious city, as much as I love helping clients with real estate decisions on buying and selling homes from themselves, friends or family.  If you have any real estate questions, or if anyone you know is considering entering the market- please reach out or share the referral.