3 Ways to Refresh Your Home for a Crisp, Cool Summer

3 Ways to Refresh Your Home for a Crisp, Cool Summer  

When the weather heats up- it's the perfect time to breathe so new life into your pad. A refreshed space will get you through hot muggy days cool as a cucumber. Well- or at least a little less grumpy.

Here are a few ideas to help start your summer home refresh:  

New Sheets and Towels

We spend more time touching our sheets and towels than probably anything else, anywhere. There’s a lot of pleasure to be found in perfecting small details like these. New cotton crisp white sheets and towels don't cost much and will make you feel great. You can replace a full set up both for under $100 bucks.  

Schweitzer Linen (link) on the Upper East and Upper West Sides, Gracious Home (link) is still open on 3rd and 70th and Laytners (link) on the UWS has great- inexpensive options- and my top pick.  

Refresh Your Paint

Pick a room- any room- and pick a time you’ll be gone. Check out this guide from Elle Decor (link) for a little inspiration on your color choices or simply choose to add a fresh coat of the same color you already have. 

Get some inspiration from Pantone (link)

Something about the smell of fresh paint that makes me feel optimistic and recharged.  

Plant Some Window Boxes

Even the darkest apartment has enough light for indoor/outdoor plants on your window sill. Plants filter our air and literally bring new life into your home. My favorite spot for plants is Plant Shed (link) on 96th and Amsterdam.

Talk to the specialists there for some guidance. There are plenty of easy care options for people with black thumbs. Start with your kitchen for some fresh basil and mint and it will change your life. For $50 you can buy some soil- a simple window box and a few young herb plants and you'll be glad you did.  

My work as a real estate broker brings me all over town, and I love discovering and exploring our incredible, mysterious city, as much as I love helping clients with real estate decisions on buying and selling homes from themselves, friends or family.  If you have any real estate questions, or if anyone you know is considering entering the market- please reach out or share the referral.


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