Sage Away Your Winter Blues

Sage Away Your Winter Blues

How to clear away the winter blues - breathe new life into your home


I will joyfully SAGE the air of any of my past and current clients - and their friends and family!




It appears that we are making it through another winter, and the time for spring cleaning is rapidly approaching. The birds are chirping, and I’ve seen the first shoots popping out of the ground in Central Park. Spirits are up, and business is buzzing.

This time of year, a new freedom emerges from the still air of heated indoor spaces. We hit the streets for pleasure as much as necessity, and some of that nervous winter energy lends itself nicely to Spring Fever.

Now I ask, when was the last time you cleared the air in your apartment? While it’s fairly obvious to wipe away those dust bunnies in the corner and give a splash to the windows, your Spring Cleaning should also cleanse the stagnant winter air from your apartment. If you’re wondering how, read on!

There is a process called “sage smudging” that people around the world have used for thousands of years to cleanse the air.

In this practice, you disperse the smoke from a bundle of white sage in all areas of your space. The smoke wafts through the air and leaves a pleasant aroma in the space. The sage itself has unique properties in its composition that have an effect on air quality.  It’s ancient and it works.






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Have a non-flammable surface ready - a ceramic bowl or plate perhaps - that you can hold underneath the bundle to catch any falling ashes during the process. I prefer to hold the bundle in one hand with the surface in the other so that I can disperse the smoke more nimbly, but if you prefer you can rest the bundle directly on the surface while moving it around your space.



Light the bundle until it begins to smolder, and gently extinguish any true flames that pop up from it. You just want it to smoke nicely, like incense. The sage may go out entirely during the process, and you’ll have to re-light it if it does.
I like to play soothing music as I spread the aromatic smoke.

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Gently fan the smoke around your space so it can hit every corner. Move slowly. This should be a relaxing, intentional process. Give yourself a break. The idea here is to create a fresh start in the space; I like to imagine the sage particles raining down all the accumulated toxins lingering in the air around me.



Once you’ve hit the entire space, you can allow the bundle to burn out if you enjoy the aroma, or simply douse the bundle in water to dispose of it safely. Some people like to bury it in their garden because burnt sage is good for the soil.

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I mentioned above that this is an ancient practice, and with that degree of longevity there is a ton of deeper spiritual stuff that often goes along with it. Without delving too deeply into any of that, I will say I like to believe this process wipes away any negative energy lingering in the space.
As a real estate broker, I find the sage smudging process meaningful as an act of good will for my clients. Buying or selling an apartment is a deeply personal experience - a life event - and it means a lot to me to guide my clients through it with care. These kind of touches help to make it a more human experience for me and my clients - something deeper than just the dynamics of dollars and cents.
If you’re considering buying or selling an apartment - or if you know someone who is - please reach out to me! Check out my website for more about me and the work I’ve done for my clients, and if you have questions to ask me directly you can reach me at (917) 371-6723.