Discover Hudson Yards

Discover Hudson Yards

by Mike Lubin

The area far west of Penn Station is in the midst of one of the most extensive building projects in New York City’s history. The scale of this new development is almost inconceivable, and it’s well worth a visit over there even if only to see the buildings under construction. This formerly blighted area is turning into a new city center, and for more than just swanky office space.

New residential development in Hudson Yards will be a huge deal as the latest in technology and amenities make their way into sexy residential skyscrapers. As more and more companies big and small move their offices into the new office spaces there will be an influx of new people relocating and looking for quality housing. This means good things for real estate investments if you get a foothold in Hudson Yards before the demand surges.

As far as a place to live, I would compare it to Battery Park City with the benefit of more central access to Manhattan. This means for gleaming new establishments along the lines of Brookfield Place (profiled in my piece on Food Halls in Manhattan). For a taste of this, be sure to check out Gotham West Market at 45th and 11th (also profiled in Food Halls) and you’ll get a feel for how Hudson Yards is about to become one of the hottest new places to live in Manhattan.

Cultural amenities in this area include the High Line Park and tons of nightlife, not to mention a speedy Über ride down to the Meatpacking District for even more restaurants, shopping, music, and bars.

and I'm not always a "Dude" kind of guy, but dude...

ART SHED- watch the video below and you'll also be reduced to monosyllables.

The High Life at 15 Hudson Yards


Now open for business. Almost feels like I'm cheating by exposing you to Manhattan's hottest new residential development cuz seriously: how could you keep from wanting a piece of this pie? This type of real estate candy brings out the kid in me- FOMO, dreams of swag and just a dash of YOLO here. 

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Take the 7 Train to Hudson Yards. The stop is worth a visit in itself! Not sure the Mike Lubin of 15 years ago would have believed for a second I'd wind up gushing about subway stations twice in a single year but hey- stranger things, right?

Get brunch at Old Country Coffee. 455 West 34th Street. My favorite restaurant tip near Hudson Yards right now - super cute for brunch. You'll think you're in Maine.

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