Hot Summer in the City!!

In the middle of the heat of the summer, we sometimes overlook some of the most important maintenance items in our homes: clean air conditioning filters, clean window screens, and an air purifier.

I’m all for warmth, elegance and easy living when it comes to interior design, whether by the glow of a fireplace in the winter or the cool sheen of hardwood floors in the summertime. While beauty is firmly on my hierarchy of needs, I’m cautious to emphasize the importance of good health.

Small changes like a new A/C filter can make all the difference. In NYC, we often rely on window-mounted air conditioners to cool us down during warm weather, which spend our long winters silently collecting dust and allergens. After long periods of hibernation, our air conditioners re-circulate all those collected toxins through our apartments unless we do something about them.

New York City offers so many retail resources it’s sometimes hard to know where to look first for your needs. The Gracious Home store in Lincoln Square might as well be my second office, or perhaps I could better describe it as an elegant warehouse for the supplies I need as a neighborhood real estate broker and local homeowner. A huge badge of honor for me was actually becoming a VIP customer as noted in their database!
As soon as I walk in, I have a smile on my face. The aisles put me at peace while I map out my various needs as I wind through the store. And as a seasoned vet there, I’ve also discovered many practical and decorative items that make for the type of better daily living my clients enjoy.
It’s easy to get lost in a cart full of decorative candles and tablecloths there, but here’s a gem I share when the weather is warm: find the air filters!

Luckily, the air filters that capture these irritants are cheap and easy to replace!
This little hack will also get your unit functioning more effectively and save you on energy costs.
For my own A/Cs, I also rely on Carefree Air (based in Long Island) for periodic maintenance that goes beyond replacing air filters and for seasonal servicing of central AC units as I have.
And finally, a side note about window screens: they’re  great to have if you don’t already, and if you do have them I recommend getting them removed and washed as part of your spring cleaning.   I’m always amazed at how much more light they bring in when clean.


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Quality Windows
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Gracious Home
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Carefree AC

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